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Accepting Payment Online On Your Ecommerce Site

To have an online store, the easiest way is to find a script open source e-commerce. For example oscommerce or zen cart shopping cart. Get these scripts in the web hosting setup.

To accept payments online, whether your customer to pay via their website, or to you via the website payment gateway and payment. Selecting which one, depends on your needs and budget.

Having third party merchant is easier and lower cost. You can register with payment processing or paypal or 2checkout payment processing VeriSign. And the path of the client to the ratio provided by them. The Customer shall make payment in the vendor’s website, and once the process is complete, the customer will return to its website.

Be sure to choose only the famous third party merchant provider, do not trust those you find on the Internet and offer incredibly low cost solution and no fees. Who knows, you will not receive their money at the ends.

Or you can find a web hosting provider that offers merchant account as well, and that will handle all the integration work for your ecommerce store.