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Web Hosting Plan: Learn Some Important Tips Before Choosing

If you plan to start out an e-commerce website, you should choose a web hosting plan that support shopping cart applications. Installing your own application can be very difficult and time consuming.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, many things can go wrong and can compromise the security of transactions carried out on the site. So it is best to choose a plan that includes the installation of the shopping cart.

Choose a service that offers an electronic trading system simple and easy to navigate. Although initially not going to offer products for sale, must be aware that this can be very valuable as your business grows and expands. You will save much time and energy if you can easily add this service if you need it.

Avoid paying for disk space you really do not need.

Some companies try to seduce him with more expensive plans for unlimited space – but do you really need that? Remember you can always upgrade as your site grows. Unless you have a large company or a site / special application, it is likely that your site does not need over 100 MB or less.

Before hiring a web hosting service, find out about their safety and structure.

You will have to choose one that has the necessary security and backups (backups) so that your website is online permanently. This is not only to protect your data in case of power failure or malfunction, but will also be an additional barrier against theft of your information.

To allow visitors to download any software, music files or ebooks, make sure you’re getting enough storage space and has sufficient bandwidth.

Your visitors want to download files quickly, which is possible thanks to a good bandwidth. You may need to update your plan if your site becomes more popular.

It is important to research the type of support available. You can contact them and compare the support they offer. The reputable companies offer 24/7/365 support, ie 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a month. This is a great way for you to be sure you are working with a web hosting provider in which you can trust.

These are basically some of the things you should evaluate when choosing a reliable web hosting provider since after all, your website is the window of your business.

The Web Hosting Capacity

There are currently over 266 million websites in the world but most impressive is that every second new one is created somewhere in the world. These websites, with their pictures, videos and information, must be hosted on a server and this has made in recent years the question of the ability of web hosting is one of the main concerns of those who are about to launch a site.

Personal blog online store: The key to choosing is in the future: Today we find many hosting companies that advertise offering unlimited web hosting capabilities, an option may be attractive for beginners but it could become an unnecessary expense. If this is a personal blog or web site promotion of a public company that has a specific and restricted, probably a few gigabytes of space will be more than enough.

The secret to choose a service that really meets our expectations is a glimpse of the future. Before choosing a web hosting option you should consider what potential traffic could reach your site and what you need space to store databases and the information that you will add over time. If it’s a site that could become very popular and an online store then it would be best to opt for a professional hosting package.

In general, it can refer to three main options for web hosting: shared, dedicated and housing. Shared hosting is the most commonly used because it provides enough capacity to store websites acceptable dimensions. This is the cheapest option because, basically, we will be sharing the resources of a computer with other customers.

If this is your case, we recommend that you hire the web host to a leader and trusted, not only to cut costs because they generally offer an expanding range of promotions, but also the system stability and ease of user interface.

Change Your Web Server to Another

Sometimes webmasters can decide to move a website in whole or in part to a new location. For example, you can move the contents of a subdirectory to a subdomain or a completely new domain. Change the location of your content can be a bit heavy, but worth doing properly.

For search engines better understand the structure of your new site and make it easier for users to use, follow these guidelines:

301 redirects, it is important to you to forward to all users and all the bots to visit the old location of your content to the new location with 301 redirects. For the relationship between the two locations be more clear, make sure all the old URL address to a new URL that hosts similar content. If you can not use 301 redirects, you can use cross-domain canonical to the search engines and display a message to users to inform and direct them to the new location of the content.

Do not forget to check both the new location as the previous one in the same account from Google Webmaster Tools.

Verify that Googlebot can crawl your new location with the Browse function as Googlebot. It is important to check that Google can access your content in the new location. Also, make sure that the above URLs are not blocked by a robots.txt Disallow directive, so that it is possible to find the redirect or rel = canonical.

If you move your content to a domain or a completely new host name, please report the change through the Change of Address option in the Info section of the site from Google Webmaster Tools.

If you have also changed the URL structure of the site, make sure it can move around the site without the appearance of 404 pages. The Google Webmaster Tools can be useful when investigating possible broken links. Select Diagnostics> Crawl errors to check for possible errors in your new site.

Make sure your sitemap is updated.

Once you have configured the 301 redirects, you can control your 404 pages to prove it to redirect all users to new pages and their possible mistakenly broken URLs. When a user runs a 404 error page on your site, try to identify which URL you were trying to access, why this user has been redirected to the new location of your content and then make appropriate changes your forwarding rules 301.

Check out the links section to your site in Google webmaster tools and reports the new location to the most important access to your content.

As a general rule, try to avoid having two sites traceable in the same or very similar, but a 301 or without specifying a rel = “canonical”.

If the content of your site is specific to a particular region [c], you can also check your preferences geographical orientation of the structure of your new site in Google Webmaster Tools.

Finally, we recommend that you do not implement other major changes in web design when you’re moving your content to the new location, such as large-scale content, URL structure or navigation upgrades. If you change too much at once, you can confuse users and search engines.

Web Server Statistics helps analyze web traffic

To achieve optimization in search engines in Internet marketing campaigns, analysis of the amount of web traffic is an essential and fundamental to all businesses online. It would definitely define the progress of your site. The decision of how people come to your website is an important issue. Obviously, many sites have the benefit of having the data available on its servers.

Web server statistics for a site are as important as they can not always trust the server statistics provided by a third-party software company, so developing your own monitoring application is a wise move to consider. Dedicated Server Statistics for the group of micro electromagnetic devices, reports relating to various devices (Go to the top report, monthly, weekly report, the domain report, the report of the board, request report, report error) and print all the links that relate directly to at least one order. The servers are specially created to store important information for a fixed period of time. The web server statistics displayed when the page has been modified and the time that the page has been accessed. Web server statistics are great indicators of http servers and performance benchmarks are not very common resource on the web.

A program of web traffic analysis is the best way and the way in which as many leading companies use their Web servers. In fact, the analysis programs take the data from your server and make it interesting graphs, diagrams and statistics. The table of contents of web server statistics can show the site information, traffic analysis, so you can discover where and when traffic comes to your site. In reviewing these data, we can see what search engines produce data for you, allowing you to keep track of the campaign and put it in the right direction.

One of the most important things for your web design is to place the text information to the robots meta information. The robot can read the header information of your HTML and find the guidelines for agents or robots. The robots are programs that are commonly used search engines to index the web on the Internet. So make sure your text files for the robots are made properly.

Watch Out for Free Hosting Services

Many free web hosting services can be wonderful. Some of these services have helped to reduce costs and technical barriers for webmasters and allow inexperienced venture into its path on the Web.

Unfortunately, there are times when these lower barriers (whose aim is to attract less skilled users) can attract problematic characters, like spammers looking for easy and inexpensive ways to set up dozens or hundreds of sites that do not add any value to the Web. In the case of auto-generated sites, our position is the same: if the sites do not provide enough value, are usually considered as spam and take appropriate measures to prevent these sites appear in search results and protect natural Users of such

If a free hosting service starts to show patterns of spam, we strive to be accurate and only deal with spam sites or pages. However, in cases in which spammers control the free web hosting service or a substantial part of it, we may need to take more stringent measures to protect users and remove all the free hosting of the search results. To prevent this from happening, we would like to share with the owners of free hosting services measures that can help you save valuable resources such as bandwidth or processing power, and protect the service hosting spammers simultaneously:

Post a clear misuse policy and inform your users about it. For example, you can do during the registration process. This step will clearly explain what you consider spam activities.

In the registration form, you may consider to use CAPTCHA or similar verification tools to allow sending only human (web design) and to prevent automated scripts that generate a lot of sites in your hosting service. These methods are not completely foolproof, but they can help to avoid the presence of impostores.Prueba to monitor your free hosting service for other indicators of spam, such as funnels, a large number of ad units, certain keywords unwanted Large sections of JavaScript with escape characters, etc.

If you want a simple and cost effective solution, we recommend consultation with the site operator or Google Alerts. Keep track of users who have registered and try to identify typical patterns of spam, such as the time it takes to fill out a form, the number of requests sent from the same IP address range, the user-agents used during registration, user names or other values sent through selected during the registration form, etc.. It is also possible that these patterns are not always conclusive.

Check the server log files Web for sudden spikes in traffic, especially if it receives that traffic a site created recently. Also, try to identify the reasons for which consumes more bandwidth and power procesamiento.Prueba to monitor your web host free pages for infected with malicious software or phishing. For example, you can use Safe Browsing API Google URL to test your service regularly. You can also register to receive alerts to your autonomous system. Check the condition of the site. For example, if you use a Polish service free web hosting, what are the chances of creating thousands of new legitimate sites in Japanese on your service day to day? There are several tools that can help detect the language of the newly created sites.

Finally (but no less important), if you use a free web hosting service, be sure to monitor your services for sudden bursts of activity that may indicate an ongoing spam attack.