How to Create Backlinks

To start creating links to your website is essential to achieve internal optimization and this is done by identifying the keywords that your potential customers use, once this begins to create links that will redirect to interested persons to your blog.

How to create the links:

Publish articles: With relevant content and must be inserted into free article directory to generate links to your site one of the directories I recommend are the directories in English, because Latin America is still in its infancy. It would be beneficial for us to put items on those pages. While you have more appearances in the directory will be better.

Participation in forums: This is another very important tool, if we have a continued involvement in the forums where we answer the doubts of others and in turn leave the link to our blog we will generate much traffic because many people who are clarify their doubts give us publicity. “There is a large community in the forums and this is one tool that we can not exclude.”

Participation in social networks: Social networking has become a favorite pastime for a lot of people, say that facebook is the page where your users spend more time about 3 to 4 hours and twitter which is the second social network most used, while many are devoted to entertainment we can take advantage of them heading towards these sites as preferred and promote our products without spamming, do not harass people to visit your site the applicant will come by itself.

Analyze competition: there are sites and software which lets you know where your traffic comes from knowing this competition and we can use to our advantage to generate the same traffic but to our blog.
Participate in yahoo answer: Having a yahoo mail and can participate in yahoo answers and answer questions dealing with the same theme of your market niche left by other users and post a link to direct those interested to your blog.

Regular updating: You must update the content on topics relevant to your blog to cover more low competition keywords and have greater scope in search engines.

Make comments on other blogs with the same subject: This is one of the most used by all and comments should be made to those sites that are at the top of search engines thus ensuring traffic to our blog.

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  • Worli  On March 14, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Google’s algorithm is quite good at working out which links are created naturally. It keeps track of when links are created, where they are on the pages and a number of other factors.

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