Firefox To Meet Your Market

Almost from the beginning of the Internet has been a battle between browsers to see who is king of the Internet. Many have fallen and Internet Explorer for years had been consolidated in the first place far ahead of his followers.

However, since the consolidation of Firefox and Google Chrome spectacular appearance of the struggle has intensified. The numbers show that Google Chrome is currently the most used internet browser, mainly at the expense of Internet Explorer, Firefox maintaining a relatively stable position.

The reasons for the spectacular rise of Google Chrome, in addition to the bad reputation that Internet Explorer has earned well-based, are that it is a simple browser, light and fast that you have everything needed for an average user, and also allows installation of accessories to enhance its functionality.

But what strikes me about all this is what Firefox is doing in this battle. Not only is taking new updates planned at considerable speed and simplify the interface, is focusing on a market that had and has won some time, web developers. When it comes to designing a website Firefox is the undisputed king, the tools that comes standard and installing some plugins (which still remain for Google Chrome, they have the same opportunities) make it an indispensable tool.

Virtually all the innovations that have occurred in its latest version has to do with options to make life easier and improve the work of developers, which makes it quite clear that they know which is main market niche. This is not to say do not try to win new users

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