The Emergence of Social Media

The emergence of social media in the field of communications. Now, social networks like Facebook, are primary communication tools, and many more applications and functions are playing a hand in the advent of a new era of communications completely. There are many skeptics about the power of Facebook and other social networks, but nobody can deny the profound effect it has on global culture.

Friends can be people you’ve never met. People have become very expressive with their feelings and opinions through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now, everyone’s voice can be heard. Everyone can have an opinion on everything. All these extreme changes in culture have led some to question the philosophy of social media.

Raise important questions as: “How have these sites how to design and present identity?” and Do you allow freedom of expression to people or create an uncontrolled arena of debate and discussion? “Here are some views on these two issues.
“How have the media how to design and present identity?”

On the positive side, social networks open up new forms of social relationships. However, it also gives people a chance to think about who they are as people. As they create their profiles, face the facts about their personalities. And these sites give them a place in the world to call their own, where you can show by declaring their statistics and their interests. In other words, these sites help people to be shaped.

On the negative side, some people ask, ‘People form their online persona, the patterns are real?
“Authorizes the media freedom of expression to people or make an uncontrolled area of debate and discussion?”

Many people worry about how social networks have given all authority to speak on all issues that are happening around them. Some critics say that social networks undermine the authority of those in the business of publishing, such as reporters and journalists, whose work goes through a thorough analysis of their editors. Now anyone can be a journalist and a lot of material on the web these days do not pass through any type of quality control, exclusivity, or censure. The dissemination of information through social networks is without restraint and, therefore, exposed to different potential risks.

The only possible conclusion, unfortunately, is that social media are changing the way in which information is delivered, for better or for worse.

I wish that you drop a comment of your doubts and frustrations. I will answer them all. I also like it if you think this article interesting what your sharing with your friends or followers.

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