How To Use T-shirt For Marketing

The promotional T-shirt is part of the business promotion and marketing of the brands for a long time. Can be given promotional T-shirts to customers, to potential customers, and also for your employees to give them a sense of belonging to add a brand. You do not need to be world famous brand to take advantage of promotional T-shirts. The use of new business until the T-shirt to create awareness of your brand, product or business.

Promotional T-Shirts to give to your employees is a great way to endorse the brand. You can design T-shirt with your company’s brand and marketing message to your employees, and if you are hosting the conference and exhibition or promotional event, and make it mandatory for your employees to wear promotional T-shirt. It is a very cheap way to make your employees stand out from the crowd and you are present and the unit organizer between your employees, the same way that serves the uniform.

Some businessesthink it is very expensive to buy online t-shirt, but it is often incorrect. Buy shirts online is a quick and easy and the selection of shops on the Internet is a lot better than I expected to be with some allowing you to make the whole design process and pay online.

Could be that the brand of the company’s T-Shirts significant improvement in brand awareness for business in a very short period of time, and aside from the obvious marketing advantages branded T-shirts and other clothing can enhance the impression of customers for your business. Consideration of the relatively low cost to buy T-shirts and printing on the length of time T-shirt of good quality can make the post-shirts branded one of the most cost-effective marketing for many companies.

It is believed widely that DTG tshirt printing is more environmentally than screen printing. DTG uses water-based inks to print directly on clothing, this means that there are no excess inks used in the actual print and the only waste that is happening is to clean the print head sometimes – It is worth mentioning that the cleaning head does not involve any external materials only ink.

Then as long as the waste disposal of ink properly, you must print tshirts using the DTG and practically no effect environmenal. Screen printing inks, but the extra parts of the stencil not printed on the t-shirt and when cleaning screens are usually wash the excess ink in vain.

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  • Dave Cooper Creative  On November 16, 2011 at 4:53 am

    I agree with the notion that t-shirts are a great marketing tool. They do set the wearer apart from others. When someone is wearing a t-shirt with any type of imprint on it, we are naturally drawn to the artwork or the text. If the shirt features a business logo, every person that person walks past or interacts with sees the logo and that counts as an impression (in the advertising game). It’s an inexpensive way to promote your business. Plus, people love to get a shirt as a gift. Heck, it’s even better if they’re willing to buy the t-shirt.

    BUT, as an independent promotional products sales representative, I have to take issue with your suggestion to purchase the shirts online. While I understand online buying may be more convenient, it actually hurts local business owners like me. There have been numerous times I’ve put together a promotion, acquired samples, created artwork, and presented it all to a customer just to have them take that information and go to the Web to make their purchase. All work, no sale!

    Plus, if a customer buys online, they don’t have the benefit of experiencing the quality of the t-shirt. “Samples Sell!” is my mantra. They have the chance to feel the different textures of the shirts. They are able to take that shirt sample from me and show others. They get to take the shirt home and wash it a couple hundred times if they want to be sure it will still be a quality shirt in a couple years and still a valuable advertising tool for their business. The quality of the shirt is also a statement on the company who’s distributing the shirts – low quality, crappy/cheap company. Buying online doesn’t give them the chance to save a potentially bad marketing purchase.

    Lastly, in this economy, small businesses are having a tough enough time making ends meet. If every business shops the Web for their purchase, there will be many local businesses who have no customers and people will lose their jobs!

    How about rewriting your article to state, “Shop locally if you can, otherwise look online.”


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